Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Colin Davis - Sun Power Yoga at TreeHouse


Do you want try something all the top athletes are doing? 
Do you want to improve your fitness, your strength and flexibilty? 
Do you want to learn techniques to relax and unwind? 

Then start the New Year with Sun Power Yoga classes run by Colin Davis every Tuesday 5.30 – 6.30pm.  For only £5 a class you’ll benefit from improved breathing, posture, muscle tone, flexibility and a happy state of mind....for just £5 a week!

To book your space contact Carol Repton at reception.

And if you thought yoga was about sitting stretching and chewing on lentils, then think again!  Sun Power Yoga has the fitness enthusiast in mind and promises to deliver a challenging yet rewarding experience for all fitness levels.

With a background in martial arts, Colin has a wealth of experience teaching  in many of the top London health clubs, with a variety of personal clients and, possibly the hardest of them all, in schools! Colin spent a year co -teaching with Cathy Underwood (who used to teach yoga at TreeHouse) yoga fitness classes in local schools...270 children every week! It was a really rewarding experience and Colin and Cathy developed Yoga Rocks! and are currently putting together a teacher training manual for those looking to teach yoga fitness classes for kids of all abilities.

Colin is a much loved and respected yoga teacher who has incredible agility and strength...NOT to be missed!

Come and try something new - For further information call 07957 272066