Monday, 17 September 2012

Gary Markwick - Now It Begins!

Always give with love and compassion
Without guilt, bitterness or an empty feeling
Open your hearts to those who suffer
And show forgiveness and understanding
To a world which needs healing
 - Gary Markwick

Palmist, Psychic & Reiki Master Healer
I've had the pleasure of knowing Gary and his partner Denize for many years now and I've always known him to be an exceptionally gifted Palmist, Psychic and Reiki Master Healer.

So I was thrilled to hear that Gary had fullfilled his dream of writing his first book 'Now It Begins' - a self-help guide that draws upon personal testimony, professional guidance and the best of New Age thinking.

Gary Markwick

Now It Begins!
Split into 10 distinct 'phases', Now It Begins systematically tackles some of life's biggest and most personal questions about identity and interconnectivity, love and fear, choice and destiny.

The book explains that most of us are trapped in a harmful illusionary world of our own subconscious creation.  Gary encourages the reader to break the mental chains holding them back and, by exercising the gift of choice, take responsibility for their own future happiness.

Gary Markwick at his book signing

Our True Purpose 
There's a real sense that the author is there every step of the way to provide a clear and accessible path through the clutter of our negative thoughts, moving us forward to a self-realisation.

At the heart, the message is simple -  once you let go of illusion and draw upon a more fundamental, universal source of motivation,  then you will reconnect with your true purpose on earth.

When you are happy with yourself in the present you are creating happiness for your future

My particular favourite was 'Phase Four' which focuses on being present, the power of intention, exercising forgiveness and learning to believe in yourself.

Illustrated throughout with ancient learning and pithy stories Now It Begins will consistently inspire and encourage people on their exciting journey to freedom and fulfilment. 

As Gary so beautifully puts "The world is now on the verge of a great spiritual awakening and everybody owes it to themselves, and their neighbours, to tap into the limitless energy of the moment and bring about a lasting change for the better."

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Now It Begins is available to order in paperback from Waterstones, WHSmiths and all other good bookstores throughout the UK.   Also available as an ebook on worldwide.

Written by Cathy Underwood

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